I am still at the beginning level of Computer Science!!

And really feeling bad!! as I prepare for the Hacker Earth challenge and suddenly realizing that you are nothing !! As I fail in solving 90% of the problems I tried. With a dream to end, at least in #ThoughtWorks , and reading the book of GayleLaakman, am feeling really disappointed!! Well, its  somewhat late, now I am going to restart!! As now I fixed a target and to demolish each one as the array looks like

[c++, Algorithms, Design Patterns, CCI,].


And this time ,I feels much better!! and Determined, and I can now blame the ecosystem I was brought up, as a computer science student, I never learned these stuffs deeply. Well it was my responsibility to search for that path, and I didn’t and later realizing this path is the ideal one for a computer science student, Now I can see many languages becoming popular day by day, like Ruby, Python, R, GO  etc, –> This is going to be a piece of advise for the upcoming folks, complete traversing my array first and Jump to the below “Ruby Python etc…..”. As I understood, everything lies there, the rest is pretty simple and you can pick up on the way.

Well it always better to be late than never, and let me begin my traversing!! with a dream to step at amazon, google, facebook, etc…


It all began in a class room !! I think I was in 6th or 7th, where me and my friends enjoyed, studied, played … done every mischief that was not allowed at that age, Well today while I travel alone I remembered them, I remember the old shatter’s when we used to be together, I idealized, pictured the old scenes. Our school, it was really a paradise, I still remember I love going there, even there was daily assignments, test etc. Ah while writing this, I went to my English hour, where my place was behind the seats of girls, that was actually a punishment given to me by teacher, I am supposed to stand there, sad part is when all my lad’s are taking good nap on seats ;) I got to sleep by standing :(, but it was all fun, I miss those, beautiful hours, where I used to enjoy the beauty ;) when “Shakesphere drama” progress…Well some proud moments also happened to me, well coming among the top students at the class, head boy etc…etc…!! Many many unforgettable experiences, and also the epic vote of thanks, I had given at youth festival, where I stammered when pronouncing the name of an Italian guest , I still remember that name , well all I can say it starts with  “Jo…..villey”. well i managed, and also a pat on my back from my physical education sir :D for the same , .. Well one thing still hurts me was one beautiful face, where we used to talk with eyes, used to argue when debates occur, rarely talks …..smiles, but I don’t where exactly that person is… I still the remember the small moments, and I still love/like to meet you, talk and I hope that can bring me back on my track!!

A new experience || blogging from BlackBerry

Well just trying to write some craps!! Or in other words am simply testing the BlackBerry WordPress App! It’s really good and fast too!! UI is designed in a pretty awesome way! I found at certain options app getting a bit laggy, but in short this is a great piece of work!


A screen shot to show how the interface is, well for me this app is really a piece of cake ;)

That’s distracting

Today happened to see!! “the facebook profile again” its all because of the recommendation engine by #Facebook!! huh facebook knows whom I wanna see, but I shouldn’t have looked,as its really making me frustrated and more sad! and I remember that slight mistake from my part if needed can be forgiven, but now it had taken this form and it’s like this in present.I forgot about many other things to worry ;) so right now am leaving this, and I believe something good will happen!! No matter what ever be the situation I will always stand with truth and I will be truthful.and it’s like now its more than 3 or 4 years my struggle with life continues, still the hope that I can bring it, I can make it, is driving me forward, and at some instant I feel am loosing, simultaneously these kind off pop ups also adding a bit to sufferings. well still am keeping my heads up, even if inside is burning!!! Trying to be focused, learning to intake, and learning to let go!!

കലാലയ ജീവിതവും സഫലമാവാത്ത ചില സ്വപ്നങ്ങളും !!!

ഇന്നു  ഞാൻ ഒരു youtube വീഡിയോ  കാണുക  ഉണ്ടായി !! വലിയ  ഡീൽ  ഒന്നുമില്ല , ഇറ്റ്‌  വാസ്  എ “ഫ്ലാഷ് മോബ് “!! അത്  എന്നെ  എന്റെ കലാലയത്തിലേക്ക്  ആണ്  കൊണ്ട്  പോയത് , അവിടുത്തെ ചില ഓർമകൾ !! 
ഒരുപാടു  സ്വപങ്ങളും  ആയി ആണ്  ഞാൻ  അവിടെ  ചെന്ന്  കേറുന്നത് !! >>>>

Walking With Dreams!!

വീണ്ടും ഞാൻ ഒരു RAILS  ജീവിതം   തുടങ്ങുകയാണ് !!  ഒരുപാട്  ഒരുപാട്  സ്വപ്നങ്ങളുമായി  ഞാന്  എന്നും  ശുഭ  പ്രതീക്ഷയുമായി  നടക്കുന്നു !!

Am always walking with dreams!! A dream of a firm which wont get restricted to a single floor of a building! A dream to do something philanthropic!! that can really change the world. And luckily am having a small team who got the same taste and vision, We are looking forward for a greater tomorrow which would be a result of our efforts and dedication.

I really want to change the current education system, and the views of foiks towards education and gaining a degree!! I just want to make sure that, don’t study just for gaining a degree!! Make use of the education period to gain as much as you can, rather than wasting your time, find time to build on projects, keep working/keep learning!! Form new concepts, from learning, try to think out of the box, and formulate some principles, theories and keep trying to implement that!! Keep the better use of internet!! rather than wasting your energy on porn sites and social networks, make these social containers for a betterment of yourself, make it as a tool for building business/ healthy relations , never think of it as a tool for killing your time.
And always keep in mind that , “If you are not making someone else life better you are simply wasting your time”,
And never be afraid of making decisions in your life!!! You can’t always win!! but you can try and never be afraid of giving up certain things which you don’t really worth posse sing it. We got to leave , “What we are right now” to “What you will become!” 

Always be aware of the surroundings, develop logical thinking!! Practice solving real life issue!! Try and keep thinking from various perspectives, try to view your problems from a higher level of existence, and don’t be panic when problems are put in your front!! Develop a thought like this ” These problems are put in front of me, because I only can solve that”, keep doing things which you love and love the things you do! 

All these things, the above I mentioned I had followed certain things, certain things which I really wished to follow but couldn’t follow may be because of various circumstances!! and one more thing I got to say to you!! circumstance always place the role of villain, so there is no use in blaming that, remember you are the hero!! and  you got the power you got the magic!! and believe in yourself. You are really powerfull beyond imaginations!! because all these things exist in the world are created by mind kind, see that immense potential try to make use of your hidden potential. No body can stop you!! Only you can win!