Getting Ready for Lucid Lynx

Time runs away fast. Six months just goes as six days! I still remember the day which I

installed Ubuntu 9.10 Karmic Koala!

Oh well, it’s now time for the next release in the cycle.

As all you know, it is Ubuntu 10.04 code-named ‘Lucid Lynx‘.

Like many other geeks, I love tracking the development of GNU/Linux distros!

Especially, what bleeding edge packages will be there in the new release,

what will happen to that pre-installed package, etc.. When it comes to new artwork,

I completely become ignorant of my surroundings, because I’m an addict

of eye-candy unlike other geeks!

I mostly depend on dedicated blogs for getting the latest news on Lucid. OMG Ubuntu,Ubuntu Root, WorksWithU, Web Upd8, Another Ubuntu are worth reading daily! Another great resource is official Ubuntu Mailing Lists. Ubuntu Forums is also a good place.

Learning ourselves the new features will help us to promote the release

among our friends and convince them and to invite to the free(as in freedom)

world of GNU/Linux and FOSS! But, be careful when recommending

GNU/Linux to some non-techies. From my

experience, when they get stucked with any problems, they even

doesn’t have the patience for Googling and will bash us and FOSS!

So keep in mind, GNU/Linux may not be the OS for everyone and

those who love buying a licence for huge money to use a piece of crap software.

Community has put up some countdown banners for your blogs and websites

. You can grab it here. There are also Release Parties worldwide to

celebrate the new release. Inviting public to the party and giving away Lucid CD’s

adds up to promotion. I think it’s the best social work I can do, i.e., freeing

up people from proprietary giants and locked knowledge!

Just following the development doesn’t return back anything to the community.

So, in the mean while, take some time to contribute to the Ubuntu Manual project.

It’s the most newbie friendly Ubuntu guide I have ever seen. Contributing to it is not a big deal.

First you have to download the ‘halfly-baked’ manual, start reading it from any page,

if you found some typo or grammatical errors, just submit it.



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