Auto Mounting Hard Drives on UBUNTU

Today.. (Friday Sep 3  2010 ,8:45PM) i feel like blogging…heheh because only a day back i found some other useful for all the geeks 😉 ..

I was experiencing the problem of hard-drive mounting right from the start i began using linux…thought of that was a glitch 😦 with linux..

and i thought it cant be resolved first…afterwards i searched UBUNTU forums there i got the solution..i was happy and now i had made my drives automount on startup…

I was having many difficulties  with drives that are not automounting after a restart 😦 some are

1)Shortcuts specified on desktop wont work..

2)Music player says “cant find file location”..

3)Torrents wont start..

All these had troubled me somewhat anyway GOOGLE search and UBUNTU forums had helped me to find it..and i would like to         share with u people via my simple blog.. 🙂 i am doing this because am supporter of OPEN SOURCE 🙂  and i support FOSS ideologies :)..

The Software i got to solve this glitch(as i feel :)) is Pysdm…Its a simple GUI tool which so much userfriendly..if u are  novice this could be useful rather going into editing <<<“fstab”>>>>!

All you have to do is simply install this tool by going into the TERMINAL and issuing the following commands:

sudo apt-get install pysdm

By issuing the above command you will be able to install Pysdm to your system..and you can run it by issuing the command:

sudo pysdm

or else navigate to Menu

System->Administration->Storage Device Manager.

Once you install and open Pysdm you will be able to see a window like the above :)and there you can choose your harddrives listed and can tick the option to automount during boot..there its done Buddy!mounted…

Enjoy UBUNTU ‘s freedom.. :)”HUMANITY TO OTHERS”


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