Techie Stuff!!! is not techie stuff anymore


You Handsome/you awesome lady 🙂 sounds nerdy??? aah!anyway go through my buds!!

2011 had given me some-some…. hehe am not getting that word ;)..hey

Guys.i .started this crap…as a part of taking  inspirations from big guns… finally still i remember that was a rainy day…and i was having a mind to achieve something& wanna be another big gun. dont think that “what the fu*** am saying with this little crap how can i be a big gun?you may had thought so?is it?(am asking you? :)) not blaming you while writing this blog..i also thought the same…with this ..what i can… blah blahh… 😉 anyway what i was trying to say is one of my “kintergarden” friend given me blow in twitter and here am not specifying that context anyway am an “ardent techie”…he used that phrase ..really you guys know how much potential i got.. poor last bencher :(….(nerd my best buds used to call me)…..”
As like everybody i too got pretty emotional level…
As now i had planned to write something..which got some change..its never “ardenttechiestuff” anymore…..Introducing some screwed up life of friends…and more than that
“the one i wish to hold the hands and walk through the beach”
“the one i wish that would take me higher..hehe blah blah …..

Don think am mad…but right now its 4 minutes past 1 o clock ..a beautiful wednesday.. i wish let it be beautiful….
So here am starting or giving a new reflection…via my “techiestuff”


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