Steps for removing older Kernel-versions from UBUNTU

After each update of your UBUNTU #Linux system,in ur Grub menu  you can see many versions of it may seem odd for you.but actually its showing the ability of a linux system of having multiple kernels.Anyway here i am helping you people those who had felt it as an odd.

Step 1-:  First and foremost we need to identify which kernel you are currently running for that issuing of the commands below will help

    uname -r  


uname -a

Then it wil show an output like this

That will be your current kernel which you are using right now.

Step 2-: Next we gonna need the versions of kernels installed on your system for that we need to issue the following command

   dpkg -l | grep linux-headers-*

   This command will list the installed kernels as in my system it is

Step 3:- Now the final step is to remove the kernels other than the one u got when you had issued the command uname -r.So with apt-get command you gonna attain it.with this command you can remove the respective kernels by specifying the version one by one.

  sudo apt-get remove inux-headers-2.6.32-21 linux-headers-

the version 2.6.32-21 will be removed.

 And guys i prefer you please dont remove all the versions of the installed kernels atleast keep a version,so that if your current version get corrupt or fail,It might be useful for you. 🙂


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