whAT WILL i write now?

No idea what will i write now,was online on facebook,seeing some comments on updates and liking some ones status and was sitting here at my workroom with my  left fore fingure on “F5” button 😛 hehe as always like in the movie Social Network ,Zuckerberg keeps pressing on F5 so as to know whether the girl ,whom he liked accepted the friend request, 🙂 by the way am not Zuckerberg and i even dont have any capabilities of him like to hack a university Database or something but i wish one day i could…hmm by the way now am talking to myself  and right now am feeling really alone because all the best buds!! are really far..finally am left alone in the trip 🙂 ya this is a nice feeling to be alone,to learn life,to learn people ,to learn surroundings ,to learn changes..its all about learning now..till today everything was somewhat smooth and was going ok.but  now i feel its my turn to act upon,because of being regularly irregular and being lazy and being lost in some wonderland ,i lost many things, i cant say fully that i lost but i believe by the time if i was not irregularly irregular,not lazy ..i might had reached my favourite places..but everything got delayed by one or the other reasons,am not blaming any one for these craps,hmm well it happened ..hmm started this blog to write some thing techie and these days am posting all the craps here…it gives me some relief,when i take the lump of pains from my self to this wordpress interface 😛 ,i feel somewhat good..ha don knw ..u might  think am gone mad..whatever..now am writing this there is not particular intention behind this…ha was feeling pretty bored so thought of sharing ma “boredom” with u folks… hehe sounds like “Distributed Computing” sharing workloads..ya the procedure is same..am sharing ma boredom..
Ha Fingures are paining ,i should stop..so am going to,feeling tired too i was having a long busy day..hoping for a good output for the works i have done today,with prayers wishes am winding up …with prayers for the whole humanity let good things happen…


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