New life -“reincarnation”

Today January 11th 2012, i had met that great soul the lord himself,the positive spirit with high energy,really i met him,i feel like he had heard ma prayers,and he himself came to help me in another i believe that mistakes,what we always keep repeating in life,afterall we are humans,but if a mistake happened and later if we realise that it had happened because of our immaturity or some fear or any-other  reason,and if this mistake had made some big wound in the heart of somebody,whom relied on us,always having a thought of a life with us,it will be hard for them to be back as the same “angels” or  dear one’s in our life,but above all we should believe in “GOD” and should keep faith in them,if  unknowingly or because of our rubbish characters we had done something and if we got a heart,to realise what we had done and if we are cent percent ready to correct that mistakes,of course there you yourself can feel “ALMIGHTY” he is watching you,each and every “nook&corner” of you.Really  today i  feel a bit relaxed,and am feeling ok here.And i learned some new things and now i started understanding how things are..really i was a “novice” and stupid,bcoz of this stupidity i jumped into troubles,and i hurt the special one unknowingly.Any i cant ever forget this day in ma entire life because today a lot changes had happened and i understood my stupidity and foolishness,i still believe i am not that much late,and i am confident that i can cure the big “wound”.


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