Overcoming Challenging times

“Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it”.

Everyone has to dealt with numerous challenges that can range from ridiculous to life threatening,there might be situations like we will keep telling “i cant bear anymore”,it might be about a financial loss,can be an array of physical and emotional accidents,that might had broken oursleves,

Every aspect of our lives are keep changing career,relationships,health,beliefs,so we has to make the most out of every-situation,there are certain ways by which we can over come the challenging times,and can be a successful and a happy man,here am quoting some simple but valuable methods which i got from some journals as well as my own lill experiences ;)I believe i had born for greater things so guys,c’mon think like this,and bog yourself down for some silly reasons,as u came across your daily life everyday.The simple ethics that can lead you are

  • Assert your Goals

When everything seems to have fallen apart,still guys dont give up,we must keep the  faith in ourselves and realize that we still has got many options left,and then assert what you want exactly.In Life we might be having many wishes,like to do something,be an inspiration for someone,need fame etc and we might also goat many goals in  life,but we these goals and ambitions may wont come to fruition,if things don’t pan out exactly as we hope,we still can deal it with a positive mind.If the things are not working out then give a break,discuss the problems with your friend,and do whatever you wish to get a clarity,and then you should re-asses it.The only thing you need is that your ambition must make your heart sour and excite.

Where are your instincts guiding you?Assert it to yourself,and the people who support us,and the world.

  • Focus on things that works

Don’t dwell on the things that your life lacks,just focus on what’s happening right now,in short you must build a habit of living at present.Pay attention to whats going right.Be on your mind that “I have the life i want,i write everyday,i take risks,i seek opportunities to use my skills,I am sowing the seeds”.Other people might not recognize the abundance in your life because of the surface,Challenges-It’s for you think like that,recognize it.

Focusing on the lack is not an option,”Negativity is not constructive”,the only thing matters is identify the things you know,and the things that you need and try to make that happen into reality.There might be impossible things in our life,but remember we always got a choice.

  • Taking Actions

Do all the things that you can do in a day, Be Simple and Pro-active,repeat these words to your self during your highs and lows,it doesn’t mean that setting unrealistic expectations,about the things you can accomplish in a day,and ultimately getting dissatisfied,it means using your time effectively in a healthy manner.

  • Create a balance in your daily routine

Do something for your mind,body and soul everyday.Do read books,do the things you love to do,make yourself indulged with some activities,.Get air,light,space,walk ,run,dance,stretch.Meditate,listen to soothing music and laugh with friends.Take time for doing things for yourself,whether if its going to a gallery and singing loudly,do the things you just love to do.Greeting a stranger on a street is just as significant as donating possessions you no longer need to a charity.Give and enjoy it,remember in times when we feel that we have very little,we can still give in some way,then we will feel ourselves a little better.

  • Embrace your fear

Do things that you fear to do everyday,it can be a small thing such as talking with someone whom you hate or going to into a front of a crowd and speaking in front of them,do it with courage covert the fear inside you to a positive energy and move forward.Be confident,be bold,and don’t allow other peoples fear to bog you down.Keep your head straight and always be self-confident.

  • Expressing Gratitude

Look yourself  back on each day and try to highlight yourself  the things that which made your day brighter,the people,the incidences, and all that happened,and never forget to express your gratitude for the people who had stand beside you when you need them.Never hesitate to express your gratitude for them.

  • Don’t Give up

We might stumble at certain circumstances in life,if we learn ,act and remember we already had all the things we needed we can easily get outside from these circumstances.Live at present and view yourself as other positive people view you.believe in yourself,and try not to cry for the things you don’t have,we already got everything what we need,just think like this and you soon gonna be fine..Recognize what you doing well and give your cent percent effort for it.

So guys,we can succeed any hard times,any “Herculian-Tasks” in life.and as always the experiences we all had will enrich our life.Believe in almighty as well as the things you do.everything will be alright . 🙂


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