Things i Learned :-) “Still.”.am trying to be happy :)

No matter how good a person is sometimes they can hurt you and because of this we must learn to forgive,& it takes years to build trust and only seconds to destroy it,&We don’t have to change friends,if we understand that friends can change circumstances and environment that influences our life,But ultimately we are the one that are responsible for ourselves,that we have to control our acts,and it requires patience,and patience it requires much practice. There are people who loves us but simply don’t know how to show it  -> ” Pp”

Sometimes the person you think will hurt you and make you fall,is the instead one of the few who will help you to get up.

It is not enough to be forgiven by some one,in most cases you has to forgive yourselves,and no matter into how many pieces your heart is broken,the world wont stop to fix it,and always i believe that Lord want to meet all the wrong people before meeting the right one,so when we finally meet the right one,we are grateful for that gift. Believe in yourself,develop an insight care and understand others,love them select them and give your love all may not be eligible to have your love,Be with the one’s who needs us,not with the one’s whom we need and i believe the “”The Best Future is Based on a Forgotten Past” you can never go well in life until you let go  of your past failures & heartaches.”

                                                Don’t Look for appearances they may be deceiving,don’t go for wealth,because they even can fade,find some one who makes you smile,because it only takes a smile to make a day.


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