Relationship Truths

Relationship they always as complicated …this ship can sunk at anytime,at any point,factors may be the captain(ourselves) and sometimes the surroundings and weather 😛
All these  happen because we are letting ourselves go from the person what we are in the name of a relation 🙂
Here Guys am trying to state some facts 🙂

  •   Success it requires effort

          Guys for you to be successful in a relation,understand that they just don’t happen or maintain themselves,the parties involved must share the things between,always remember communication is the key.

  • Remember “Newtons third law”

          Sounds nerdy :p but its true for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction” but guys don’t  lay much stress on the word negative,here what i intend if you wanna love,if you expect love you should give.If u need love give love simple 🙂

  • Never Force Someone

           Always believe that there is a predefined space for each and everyone among us.So forcing someone to have you in their life might not work,it should come involuntarily,it comes automatically,if some one knows your worth they will create a space for you in their life 🙂

  • Understand the Purpose,everyone is motive

            Everyone here approaches you for one or other purposes,some needs a change,some needs a help,some needs to kill time,some needs something else,some one will come  to teach us,but the most importantly someone is their for us to bring out the best in us 🙂 so try to understand the folks 🙂 and walk carefully 🙂

  • You can’t change others,they only can change by themselves

             So Guys don’t waste your time by trying to change others its almost impossible,all you can do is give them a support and lead by examples

  • Avoid Heated arguments..

             Avoid heated arguments its simply a waste of time and energy for us guys.Try to avoid this kinda arguments,because they gonna do nothing good instead they will act like a storm and can broke you across.And even some time if you found yourself in the situation,calm down think,and don’t let your anger get the best out of you 🙂

  • Relationships won’t last forever

          In one or the other way everything has to end,People won’t live forever,live with what you have,be with the loved ones,help the needy,love them,because once you loose them,once they are not beside you don’t let yourself think like this,”i should have done that for her/him” 🙂 so enjoy and every moment of your life 🙂


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