Being a Team leader in all sense

Being a team leader, being with a team, carrying them , motivating them, inspiring them, driving them, helping them, teaching them… hmm all these “thems” should be done in a daily  and periodic, As a team leader  you should always be ,motivating, you should always stick with the “them’s” I mentioned above.We should treat other members as the same way as we are , we are not above or below them ,all are coworkers and should be given due-respect and also should help them in their hard times, and don’t force them, to do this to do that, there is a reason I say like this, if we gonna force them, for a particular task/stuff, at times they wont be giving the expected result some times it can make them go down too, so never let that happen,keep inspiring make them aware of the good things ya fruitful  things that gonna come after the completion of that particular task.It might drive those who are struggling to come to the expected point. Also first and formost thing to do as I would say in case of startup is that , the guys we gonna hire make them sure and make them feel it’s their own company,it their own resource, it’s them gonna change the company’s future, We should make them cultivate the feeling of “their own” . If we gonna succeed in that I believe rest of the journey will be worthy for the newbies as well as the owners.   And try not to judge them from the way we accomplished things, assuming that we had done this  alone, so you also should do, that attitude should change because , thats not gonna do anything good to the newbies because, every one varies at the intellectual level, and if we gonna pressurize them above a limit they gonna collapse, it should be gradually, as we got to make them know how the pressures should be handled in an efficient way.
Make them aware of the results, and the name we gonna leave for the coming generations, all these can help the new comers a lot in case of startups. A  good communication with the new folks can also make them take away the communication gap and can indulge ya co-operate more,which in- turn will lead to more productivity.

Am not a experienced one , but If at any point in life, if lord bless and allow me to lead them, I will be like this and I believe these strategies will yield cent percent result 🙂


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