That’s distracting

Today happened to see!! “the facebook profile again” its all because of the recommendation engine by #Facebook!! huh facebook knows whom I wanna see, but I shouldn’t have looked,as its really making me frustrated and more sad! and I remember that slight mistake from my part if needed can be forgiven, but now it had taken this form and it’s like this in present.I forgot about many other things to worry 😉 so right now am leaving this, and I believe something good will happen!! No matter what ever be the situation I will always stand with truth and I will be truthful.and it’s like now its more than 3 or 4 years my struggle with life continues, still the hope that I can bring it, I can make it, is driving me forward, and at some instant I feel am loosing, simultaneously these kind off pop ups also adding a bit to sufferings. well still am keeping my heads up, even if inside is burning!!! Trying to be focused, learning to intake, and learning to let go!!


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