An Entrepreneurial Journey

On Feb 14 2016 Me and my 2 friends together registered our  company InternetMango. All happened because we got couple of Projects from outside India, and we executed it very much perfectly within time and the both clients where happy. It was really awesome to see money in the bank account for the first time ever in my life.

But things doesn’t seems to move smoothly, We are really striving, In-fact I feel like am the one whose striving smooth , as 2 of my partners being employed , I personally have to make money for my daily living as well, being said that they are very much co-operative and helping me many ways, financially as well 🙂 Yea you guessed it right I am lucky to have such partners as well , Yea I consider myself lucky in that case .

The real problem , I been facing as an Entrepreneur living in Kerala and operating here is  it’s really hard to get works , the main issue I observed is majority of the business here in Kerala are already been tied up with some existing service providers in IT industry , and the conversion time even if we convince some one is too much. Three main things with which we can convert them from my experience is by

  1. Offering them a low – quote
  2. Influencing them politically
  3. Least one is by convincing them with dialogues

I mentioned least one that because, from my experience I approached one among the big players in the industry and they where very much convinced by me, and at the last moment ,even after preparing the agreement documents, they waved a red flag, as some one inside their firm wants to go with some particular company. So even if you convince few in a big firm, some or the other is having great contact with some existing players and can turn your offer down.

I can see in news papers, and other  magazines its mentioned startup’s are being funded, heavily!  ah I don’t think so. I didn’t receive any single penny. Well since we are currently into service model I actually don’t know whose gonna fund. I really don’t know whom we will approach. Well we are trying many ways to find a way out , to build a sustainable model and scale gradually. There are many startups popping around us and are vanishing in no-time also , I don’t want mine to be like that, we are actually trying to make use of technology and make things simpler , rather than going into core-technology and build an Iron Man initially. Well would love to build an Iron Man once we stand on two-legs.

Well this journey is really tensing, Well personally I really feel alone, and at some times when you travel, drive you feel like where are you going, and whats gonna happen, and when you hit bed , you can feel your heart pumps , All day-night, all instants your mind is like what I am gonna do, how can I get business. A lot of question marks around me! At times I feel like this startup thing is for those who have money in their DAD’s pocket.Huh for me this is the first and last resort, because I always wished to have something my own. And I am giving it a try.  Many many thoughts haunt you daily, some are really frustrating. At times I do feel like, death would’ve been better , but again some or the other , some friends, some other Entrepreneur’s around you giving me some hope to fight, to keep the heads up.

As of currently we are currently going on with couple of domestic works as well as in talk with few international folks as well, and luckily I got a foreign point of contact, and established a relationship there hoping for some good things to happen. The plan is to generate some revenue, build a dedicated team and to focus on the product idea we have in our mind. Well this is not something new, as I believe as every entrepreneurs might had the same thought.  I don’t want to make a mistake here, as everyone say take risk, take risk yes of course I am taking the risk but in a wiser way , I don’t want to jump on the basis of emotion , I am really thinking and I am figuring out the ways to grow and succeed this time, yea I was an utter failure but from last Feb2016 I feel like yea I had taken an important step towards success. Though Am being neglected at many place, in and around family, among some whom I considered friends. Well I consider all these as positive as one of my brother told me, “when you travel heights of course you’ll have to loose some , so be prepared to loose”, yea thats always ringing in my ears.

I want to win this time, and I think my co-founders a lot for staying with me , Especially @Linjo, you been a great support ,  a real hardworking and focused human being who believes in practicality rather than getting lost in fantasy , he is the one who is formulating some great plans and yea we together believe we can reach zenith of greatness. We are weaving the patterns to succeed and stand at the top.Well I don’t have degrees in papers, but now as one of my other co-founders said I had experience , I had better experience than Business school student, what they learn in books, I had experienced it in life.

Ah now I feel little relaxed. Well I started writing this post, as I was feeling completely down and empty . I was not getting sleep, so I dumped my thoughts here. Well haunting thoughts are quite routine these days. Well now am looking forward , searching and identifying problems and solve that.  As InternetMango itself stands for solving one’s pain by using technology. Hope we succeed in solving problems and evolve in a great manner.Hope we break the odds and set another example, have can you evolve from

“Zero to Infinity”.

And May the force be with us.



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