I am still at the beginning level of Computer Science!!

And really feeling bad!! as I prepare for the Hacker Earth challenge and suddenly realizing that you are nothing !! As I fail in solving 90% of the problems I tried. With a dream to end, at least in #ThoughtWorks , and reading the book of GayleLaakman, am feeling really disappointed!! Well, its  somewhat late, now I am going to restart!! As now I fixed a target and to demolish each one as the array looks like

[c++, Algorithms, Design Patterns, CCI,].


And this time ,I feels much better!! and Determined, and I can now blame the ecosystem I was brought up, as a computer science student, I never learned these stuffs deeply. Well it was my responsibility to search for that path, and I didn’t and later realizing this path is the ideal one for a computer science student, Now I can see many languages becoming popular day by day, like Ruby, Python, R, GO ¬†etc, –> This is going to be a piece of advise for the upcoming folks, complete traversing my array first and Jump to the below “Ruby Python etc…..”. As I understood, everything lies there, the rest is pretty simple and you can pick up on the way.

Well it always better to be late than never, and let me begin my traversing!! with a dream to step at amazon, google, facebook, etc…