Being a Team leader in all sense

Being a team leader, being with a team, carrying them , motivating them, inspiring them, driving them, helping them, teaching them… hmm all these “thems” should be done in a daily  and periodic, As a team leader  you should always be ,motivating, you should always stick with the “them’s” I mentioned above.We should treat other members as the same way as we are , we are not above or below them ,all are coworkers and should be given due-respect and also should help them in their hard times, and don’t force them, to do this to do that, there is a reason I say like this, if we gonna force them, for a particular task/stuff, at times they wont be giving the expected result some times it can make them go down too, so never let that happen,keep inspiring make them aware of the good things ya fruitful  things that gonna come after the completion of that particular task.It might drive those who are struggling to come to the expected point. Also first and formost thing to do as I would say in case of startup is that , the guys we gonna hire make them sure and make them feel it’s their own company,it their own resource, it’s them gonna change the company’s future, We should make them cultivate the feeling of “their own” . If we gonna succeed in that I believe rest of the journey will be worthy for the newbies as well as the owners.   And try not to judge them from the way we accomplished things, assuming that we had done this  alone, so you also should do, that attitude should change because , thats not gonna do anything good to the newbies because, every one varies at the intellectual level, and if we gonna pressurize them above a limit they gonna collapse, it should be gradually, as we got to make them know how the pressures should be handled in an efficient way.
Make them aware of the results, and the name we gonna leave for the coming generations, all these can help the new comers a lot in case of startups. A  good communication with the new folks can also make them take away the communication gap and can indulge ya co-operate more,which in- turn will lead to more productivity.

Am not a experienced one , but If at any point in life, if lord bless and allow me to lead them, I will be like this and I believe these strategies will yield cent percent result 🙂


An ideal child :-) i wish, but am a prodigal son.. who is an utter failure

Don’t know what’s gonna happen.. Every father dreams his son should be a support to his family ,his son should be capable, he son should make him proud, his son should keep his family status, his son should touch the zenith of success, every father dreams so, like my father also did.. But am like, has broken all his dreams, and to be short I can say, a prodigal son, lazy to work..,I always wish let I be  a son, like the son in the movie “Varanam Aayiram”.. a capable son..whose helping his father.. living as per his father, obeying  and listening his father.
but am a utter failure used to run as per my own wishes never heard anything from my parents, loosing each games i fought..

I am sad of myself because i couldn’t give my father  a pinch of happiness in life till today, All I had made is the problems, one after another..every parents wishes their child should be a support after their retirement, but am you know, am the vice versa..still i got to depend on them, i feel myself ashamed, and I got to get rid of this, am writing this for myself not for anybody to read ya get hits, I really don’t need that, but I need something ya some one to express my feelings, whats going through me, I know am nothing , I don’t have a degree, I gambled gambled, and end up in no man’s land, But slowly ,recent days am upto something am really happy because ,for the first time in life am doing with cent percent mind,because I got a feeling like I need to achieve but here also am not being able to bring the  desired output, and that’s making me dragging down..

Now it’s a situation like I wish the thing to be done, and I feel that am not being capable of doing the things,I feel like crying loud,…I feel like destroying… everything, but I really don’t wanna loose in this game, I wanna make my parents proud. I know I had done many sins in life, I had made my parents always cry because of my attitude ya  behaviour, I really wanna change, I wanna make them happy, I wanna  make their heads up in the society so that they can ya look my son he is doing good. 🙂 🙂

I will I will do that..and I am praying to god to give me some strength to withstand and overcome this challenging situation.

I am drunk, right now. not being able to type correctly…but what I wrote here is whats going through me..

I believe things will change and I am gonna do and make the things and I will bring the happiness back 🙂 Its a promise to myself and its the responsblty of me 🙂



Struggling!! I need to overcome.

For the past few months am really really struggling…with a wish to code. code and code.. but am really getting disappointed at this instant..Because if someone gonna evaluate me at this instant am nothing just a Big zero… I know that and the officials/teamates also know that.the only thing is that they are not gonna say that openely.I love the concepts of him..As a captain I adore him..and as a coder I wanna follow him.All he says he needs scientists..ya cent percent am agreeing with him.When you do something know each and everyloop holes of what we do..Be perfect and don’t just act like robots..As the robots gonna go in a specified path..things need to need to brought in extraordinary ways..In short I feel like am in a process of being a “scientist”.All his ethics,his hardwork,his dedication.It really amazed me..but actually there is nothing to amaze..these qualities is must for a captain who leads a team.
  But right now I know really a novice and am new in this field,really to be frank am for the first time being exposed to such a scenario..even years before.. I Had a wish to have a team and lead them..but things got changed ,ya it would be right if I say at somewhere along the line I changed.which lead to loose interest in this kinda stuffs..
  But right now still there is a bud inside me..which is willing to sprout and flourish.A dream which which I felt was over, is not yet.Because right now am in a family of group of young enthusiasts.which includes 5 scientists and 1 me 😉 ..I meant am nothing as compared with them.
    Now I don’t wanna get defeated..I wanna survive ..I wanna ma friends everybody proud of me,and I wanna contribute something to my team..So that it can benefit all of us.and let our team reach the zenith of greatness..
You may wonder why I wish like that as some one said don’t love your company.. I don’t remember who and what that quote exactly,but guys once I too wished and it was a dream for me to make something of myown,I failed there,many reasons..and am not listing anything ya am not gonna blame anyone for that,and I know the root cause was me.So this time am with a man who is pursuing his dreams,the dreams which I had once.So I too wish to that I can be little bit satisfied.
  But the thing is I could’nt come upto the expectation of our guys..I feel a bit down and at times am feeling like am I not suitable for this?am not being pessimistic..but continous failing forcing me to think a bit like that. Anyway am gonna try max for the next 15 days..Let me see what God has made for me.
I wish I could be with the team..I could improve.. I got to improve a lot. and am working and all I pray to almighty is that give me the energy and the willingness of the mind to succeed here.

Things i Learned :-) “Still.”.am trying to be happy :)

No matter how good a person is sometimes they can hurt you and because of this we must learn to forgive,& it takes years to build trust and only seconds to destroy it,&We don’t have to change friends,if we understand that friends can change circumstances and environment that influences our life,But ultimately we are the one that are responsible for ourselves,that we have to control our acts,and it requires patience,and patience it requires much practice. There are people who loves us but simply don’t know how to show it  -> ” Pp”

Sometimes the person you think will hurt you and make you fall,is the instead one of the few who will help you to get up.

It is not enough to be forgiven by some one,in most cases you has to forgive yourselves,and no matter into how many pieces your heart is broken,the world wont stop to fix it,and always i believe that Lord want to meet all the wrong people before meeting the right one,so when we finally meet the right one,we are grateful for that gift. Believe in yourself,develop an insight care and understand others,love them select them and give your love all may not be eligible to have your love,Be with the one’s who needs us,not with the one’s whom we need and i believe the “”The Best Future is Based on a Forgotten Past” you can never go well in life until you let go  of your past failures & heartaches.”

                                                Don’t Look for appearances they may be deceiving,don’t go for wealth,because they even can fade,find some one who makes you smile,because it only takes a smile to make a day.

Overcoming Challenging times

“Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it”.

Everyone has to dealt with numerous challenges that can range from ridiculous to life threatening,there might be situations like we will keep telling “i cant bear anymore”,it might be about a financial loss,can be an array of physical and emotional accidents,that might had broken oursleves,

Every aspect of our lives are keep changing career,relationships,health,beliefs,so we has to make the most out of every-situation,there are certain ways by which we can over come the challenging times,and can be a successful and a happy man,here am quoting some simple but valuable methods which i got from some journals as well as my own lill experiences ;)I believe i had born for greater things so guys,c’mon think like this,and bog yourself down for some silly reasons,as u came across your daily life everyday.The simple ethics that can lead you are

  • Assert your Goals

When everything seems to have fallen apart,still guys dont give up,we must keep the  faith in ourselves and realize that we still has got many options left,and then assert what you want exactly.In Life we might be having many wishes,like to do something,be an inspiration for someone,need fame etc and we might also goat many goals in  life,but we these goals and ambitions may wont come to fruition,if things don’t pan out exactly as we hope,we still can deal it with a positive mind.If the things are not working out then give a break,discuss the problems with your friend,and do whatever you wish to get a clarity,and then you should re-asses it.The only thing you need is that your ambition must make your heart sour and excite.

Where are your instincts guiding you?Assert it to yourself,and the people who support us,and the world.

  • Focus on things that works

Don’t dwell on the things that your life lacks,just focus on what’s happening right now,in short you must build a habit of living at present.Pay attention to whats going right.Be on your mind that “I have the life i want,i write everyday,i take risks,i seek opportunities to use my skills,I am sowing the seeds”.Other people might not recognize the abundance in your life because of the surface,Challenges-It’s for you think like that,recognize it.

Focusing on the lack is not an option,”Negativity is not constructive”,the only thing matters is identify the things you know,and the things that you need and try to make that happen into reality.There might be impossible things in our life,but remember we always got a choice.

  • Taking Actions

Do all the things that you can do in a day, Be Simple and Pro-active,repeat these words to your self during your highs and lows,it doesn’t mean that setting unrealistic expectations,about the things you can accomplish in a day,and ultimately getting dissatisfied,it means using your time effectively in a healthy manner.

  • Create a balance in your daily routine

Do something for your mind,body and soul everyday.Do read books,do the things you love to do,make yourself indulged with some activities,.Get air,light,space,walk ,run,dance,stretch.Meditate,listen to soothing music and laugh with friends.Take time for doing things for yourself,whether if its going to a gallery and singing loudly,do the things you just love to do.Greeting a stranger on a street is just as significant as donating possessions you no longer need to a charity.Give and enjoy it,remember in times when we feel that we have very little,we can still give in some way,then we will feel ourselves a little better.

  • Embrace your fear

Do things that you fear to do everyday,it can be a small thing such as talking with someone whom you hate or going to into a front of a crowd and speaking in front of them,do it with courage covert the fear inside you to a positive energy and move forward.Be confident,be bold,and don’t allow other peoples fear to bog you down.Keep your head straight and always be self-confident.

  • Expressing Gratitude

Look yourself  back on each day and try to highlight yourself  the things that which made your day brighter,the people,the incidences, and all that happened,and never forget to express your gratitude for the people who had stand beside you when you need them.Never hesitate to express your gratitude for them.

  • Don’t Give up

We might stumble at certain circumstances in life,if we learn ,act and remember we already had all the things we needed we can easily get outside from these circumstances.Live at present and view yourself as other positive people view you.believe in yourself,and try not to cry for the things you don’t have,we already got everything what we need,just think like this and you soon gonna be fine..Recognize what you doing well and give your cent percent effort for it.

So guys,we can succeed any hard times,any “Herculian-Tasks” in life.and as always the experiences we all had will enrich our life.Believe in almighty as well as the things you do.everything will be alright . 🙂

whAT WILL i write now?

No idea what will i write now,was online on facebook,seeing some comments on updates and liking some ones status and was sitting here at my workroom with my  left fore fingure on “F5” button 😛 hehe as always like in the movie Social Network ,Zuckerberg keeps pressing on F5 so as to know whether the girl ,whom he liked accepted the friend request, 🙂 by the way am not Zuckerberg and i even dont have any capabilities of him like to hack a university Database or something but i wish one day i could…hmm by the way now am talking to myself  and right now am feeling really alone because all the best buds!! are really far..finally am left alone in the trip 🙂 ya this is a nice feeling to be alone,to learn life,to learn people ,to learn surroundings ,to learn changes..its all about learning now..till today everything was somewhat smooth and was going ok.but  now i feel its my turn to act upon,because of being regularly irregular and being lazy and being lost in some wonderland ,i lost many things, i cant say fully that i lost but i believe by the time if i was not irregularly irregular,not lazy ..i might had reached my favourite places..but everything got delayed by one or the other reasons,am not blaming any one for these craps,hmm well it happened ..hmm started this blog to write some thing techie and these days am posting all the craps here…it gives me some relief,when i take the lump of pains from my self to this wordpress interface 😛 ,i feel somewhat good..ha don knw ..u might  think am gone am writing this there is not particular intention behind this…ha was feeling pretty bored so thought of sharing ma “boredom” with u folks… hehe sounds like “Distributed Computing” sharing workloads..ya the procedure is sharing ma boredom..
Ha Fingures are paining ,i should am going to,feeling tired too i was having a long busy day..hoping for a good output for the works i have done today,with prayers wishes am winding up …with prayers for the whole humanity let good things happen…

Unfulfilled thoughts,-wanna make things

This is  Saturday 9.26pm am little bit intoxicated and am having a great dream of making something,inspired by some international and national folks,and their progress..huh i cant explain.i need something new,right now am in search of a team so to share my thoughts,and have my dreams…and now i believe in my self,a day sure not far..i will be having it “A compressed RecycleBin”.
Lost ma way during the sweet time, lost in fanciful dreams wasted lots of positive energy,failed to find a right comrade having same frequency all these resulted in utter failure,and now am building it up,and “am trying to retain ma damaged convoy from the lost voyage”……

Techie Stuff!!! is not techie stuff anymore


You Handsome/you awesome lady 🙂 sounds nerdy??? aah!anyway go through my buds!!

2011 had given me some-some…. hehe am not getting that word ;)..hey

Guys.i .started this crap…as a part of taking  inspirations from big guns… finally still i remember that was a rainy day…and i was having a mind to achieve something& wanna be another big gun. dont think that “what the fu*** am saying with this little crap how can i be a big gun?you may had thought so?is it?(am asking you? :)) not blaming you while writing this blog..i also thought the same…with this ..what i can… blah blahh… 😉 anyway what i was trying to say is one of my “kintergarden” friend given me blow in twitter and here am not specifying that context anyway am an “ardent techie”…he used that phrase ..really you guys know how much potential i got.. poor last bencher :(….(nerd my best buds used to call me)…..”
As like everybody i too got pretty emotional level…
As now i had planned to write something..which got some change..its never “ardenttechiestuff” anymore…..Introducing some screwed up life of friends…and more than that
“the one i wish to hold the hands and walk through the beach”
“the one i wish that would take me higher..hehe blah blah …..

Don think am mad…but right now its 4 minutes past 1 o clock ..a beautiful wednesday.. i wish let it be beautiful….
So here am starting or giving a new reflection…via my “techiestuff”