Walking With Dreams!!

വീണ്ടും ഞാൻ ഒരു RAILS  ജീവിതം   തുടങ്ങുകയാണ് !!  ഒരുപാട്  ഒരുപാട്  സ്വപ്നങ്ങളുമായി  ഞാന്  എന്നും  ശുഭ  പ്രതീക്ഷയുമായി  നടക്കുന്നു !!

Am always walking with dreams!! A dream of a firm which wont get restricted to a single floor of a building! A dream to do something philanthropic!! that can really change the world. And luckily am having a small team who got the same taste and vision, We are looking forward for a greater tomorrow which would be a result of our efforts and dedication.

I really want to change the current education system, and the views of foiks towards education and gaining a degree!! I just want to make sure that, don’t study just for gaining a degree!! Make use of the education period to gain as much as you can, rather than wasting your time, find time to build on projects, keep working/keep learning!! Form new concepts, from learning, try to think out of the box, and formulate some principles, theories and keep trying to implement that!! Keep the better use of internet!! rather than wasting your energy on porn sites and social networks, make these social containers for a betterment of yourself, make it as a tool for building business/ healthy relations , never think of it as a tool for killing your time.
And always keep in mind that , “If you are not making someone else life better you are simply wasting your time”,
And never be afraid of making decisions in your life!!! You can’t always win!! but you can try and never be afraid of giving up certain things which you don’t really worth posse sing it. We got to leave , “What we are right now” to “What you will become!” 

Always be aware of the surroundings, develop logical thinking!! Practice solving real life issue!! Try and keep thinking from various perspectives, try to view your problems from a higher level of existence, and don’t be panic when problems are put in your front!! Develop a thought like this ” These problems are put in front of me, because I only can solve that”, keep doing things which you love and love the things you do! 

All these things, the above I mentioned I had followed certain things, certain things which I really wished to follow but couldn’t follow may be because of various circumstances!! and one more thing I got to say to you!! circumstance always place the role of villain, so there is no use in blaming that, remember you are the hero!! and  you got the power you got the magic!! and believe in yourself. You are really powerfull beyond imaginations!! because all these things exist in the world are created by mind kind, see that immense potential try to make use of your hidden potential. No body can stop you!! Only you can win!


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